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ZZ TOP JAM has never appeared and sounded more complex, motivated, energetic and tight than they do now, so we’re more than ready to blues rock Drop Inn well and thoroughly – AGAIN!
Hotter than a Texas barbecue!
ZZ TOP JAM are hot and ready with their stellar, sweaty and swinging blues, boogie and rock ’n’ roll parties. The motto is, as ALWAYS: “Hotter than a Texas barbecue!”
You know the drill. You’ve got the usual coverbands, that just want to play down at the local watering-hole on weekends, and then you’ve got acts like ZZ TOP JAM, who have been at the top of their game for more than 20 years. They are so dedicated to the furry Houston trio, that they are the closest thing to the real deal – without actually BEING them. Although it is THAT close.
The important thing in all this is the fact, that ZZ TOP JAM have the balls to give the original treasures a little twist of their own, instead of just blindly bombarding the crowd with carbon copies of the originals. It’s all about attitude, and ZZ TOP JAM has got it in spades! Ace of Spades, if you know what we mean. The Reverend would certainly nod in approval. The love for the originals shine through, but the guys invest themselves fully and totally in the material, which is the only way to go!
Everyone who has been fortunate enough to experience ZZ TOP JAM in concert has witnessed the authority, the dedication, the energy and last, but not least, the pure joy that the band gives off, a joy of playing these gems in tribute to the Texas Tornados. ZZ TOP JAM never give the crowd anything but their absolute best effort!
The many years brought lots of rock ’n’ roll shows, many of them sold out, as ZZ TOP JAM proves to be in constant demand. All this emphasizes the fact, that the public out there still loves, indeed they need, Bourbon-swilling boogie and bleeding bluesrock!
ZZ TOP JAM is here to fulfill just those needs, pure, simple and to the maximum, no matter what the hipster-trendies may think about it!
When the four gentlemen Soren Madsen (Vocals), David Kampmann (guitars and backing vocals), Vit Musil (Bas and backing vocals) and Michael Hansen (drums) take the stage, they do it with one very clear and dedicated goal in their collective minds: To give YOU a party, you will never forget, a sinewy, sweaty and swinging party of epic proportions, via the Texas classics we all know and love so well!
ZZ TOP JAM play out of love, necessity and the will to prove themselves each and every time, including that rainy Thursday evening – and in that proces, turn said evening into something, well, hotter than a Texas barbecue!
”The joint was jumpin’ like a cat on hot tin, Lord, I thought the floor was gonna give in. . .”
January 26 2024


Date: January 26
Time: 10:00 pm
Cost: 135DKK


Drop inn

Kompagnistræde 34
Copenhagen, 1208 Denmark

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+45 33 11 24 04