About Drop Inn

Drop Inn is a venue for live music! We have Upcoming Stage, Open-mic, Live Karaoke, Performers Night, Jazzfestival, Jam every Wednesday with band to support. Live funk or rock music every Friday and Saturday night.

Original music is the turning key at Drop Inn

Drop Inn has upcoming stage and Open Mic, where talents can show their own music to an audience. Jam Night consists of a house band, where you can join on the stage.

In the period of December to April we have “Feel Good Friday”. It’s every Friday from 16.30-18.30, and it’s free entrance.

Friday and Saturday night it’s more established bands, they mostly play funk or rock.

Every first Monday in the month the legends Stig Møller og Peter Ingemanns band is playing. It’s basically Danish folk music.

The Drop Inn for the Diversity

Besides the music we offer dance and quizzes. We are always open to new creative initiatives, so please contact us here.

“From the Red Goat to where the Music floats”

Drop Inn was established in 1934, and named the “The Red Goat” by the Danish veterans of the Spanish Civil War. A historic spirit breathing space was created, and welcomed the diversity. We will maintain that spirit out through the music.

We look forward to welcoming you at the live music house at Drop Inn.

Opening Hours:

Wednesday/Thursday 16-02
Friday/Saturday 15-03
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday open for special occasions
Hyggelig live bar i københavn