Jan Olsen Trio

The charismatic singer/songwriter’s main personal brands are his both raw & sensitive vocal and his large catalogue of catchy melodious songs in the genre intersection between rock, blues & folk. In 2015 Jan Olsen released his critically acclaimed solo debut, “Fairground”, a 5 song EP that has since been followed up by 3 singles - “Scarecrow Man”, “Tonight We Are Heroes” and “Cinnamon Lady”. EP and singles are available on all the common streaming/download-platforms.
Playing with Jan Olsen on stage is the phenomenal guitarist and producer Henrik "Hylle" Nielsen and the flamboyant harmonica virtuoso & cajon player Poul Ewald - excellent instrumentalists and performers with their own impressive musical oeuvres of both live and studio work. Together on stage the musical triumvirate forms an authentic, colorful and closely-matched unity.
The natural intimacy of the semi acoustic trio setup provides close contact and communication between band and audience. The music alternates with short, improvised anecdotes of a humorous essence dealing with the reality behind the drama and romance of the Olsen song lyrics.
People enjoy going into the vibrant universe of Jan Olsen’s songs - and maybe at the same time get a little bit closer to each other
Jan Olsen: Lead vocal & keyboards
Henrik “Hylle” Nielsen: Acoustic guitar & backing vocal
Poul Ewald: Harmonica & cajon/percussion