Groove Supply

Groove Supply returns to Drop Inn to celebrate Funky Friday.  Join us for a dedicated night of funk, where exquisite beats and funky grooves are mixed with superior vocal and horn performances to ensure that the dance floor is packed!
The groovy and super tight rhythm section supplies a base of solid grooves, which are then seasoned with the crisp voice of the Queen of Funk and topped off with relish horn delights from the Danish Maceo.
Tunes by Stevie Wonder, Prince, Chaka Khan, Michael Jackson and others, true musical craftsmanship and a contagious joy of playing makes it impossible to not move your body.
Anja Roar – vocal
Peter Altmann – drums
Lars Agerskov – bass
Mikkel Handberg – keys
Andre Ekstrand - guitar
Carsten Weber Kock – sax