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Release Party with White Bloom KL.19.30


White Bloom is a young, upcoming band from Copenhagen.

The four guys met without knowing each other too well, but after the first session it didn´t matter. The music came quickly to them, and they managed to produce about 20 tracks in the first months, four of wich made it to their debut EP, “Under the sun”.

They have been very critical with the music, and only the best tunes gets to stay on the setlist.

The accoustic fundament of drums and bass, leaves room for dreamy synthesizers and light, yet solid, piano. All this combined, and with a characteristic vocal, with nature inspired lyrics on top, is what makes White Bloom´s sound.

In short terms, it would be called “New wave indie pop”.

After about a year of songwriting, studiosessions and experimenting, the band is more than ready to play the official Release Concert of their brand new EP.

Members:  Simon (synth, piano), Kristoffer (Vocal, guitar), Valentin (Bass), Lauge (Drums).

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december 8
19:30 - 20:30
Kompagnistræde 34, 1208 KBH K
Phone: +45 33 11 24 04