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My Solo Ego KL.20

With the foot on the gaspedal, My Solo Ego is cruising. A team of originals and ideamakers, who have collaped since the beginning of the new millennium.

The genre is melancolic electropop. The crew consists of Kasper Bucio (drums), Lasse Bjørn Karlsson (guitar) and Thomas Lindh Fehmerling (vocal, synth).

My Solo Ego is determined to give their bids on what the Danish musicscene needs right now. The musical axis is the electronic beats and catchy backing, that plays up to the melodic guitar and a vocal with something at heart. My Solo Ego is a band with a load full of good melodies and hooklines, who shows a clear direction in their musical expression.

My Solo Ego plays, composes, develops and lives in the music. Why? Because they can’t help it.  The band has the will to maintain their own expression in an uncompromising urge to challenge the expectation. They invite the listeners to stop and take the time to think about where they really are heading. To reflect on the journey, the destination and all that you can experience on the road.

The Band:

Kasper Bucio (drums), Lasse Bjørn Karlsson (guitar), Thomas Lindh Fehmerling (vox, synth)



november 27
20:00 - 21:00
Kompagnistræde 34, 1208 KBH K
Phone: +45 33 11 24 04