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Main Street Band KL.22.30


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Main Street Band started back in 1996. The basic members were: Caspar Hauger Nielsen on guitar, Bent Poulsen on guitar and Hallgeir Stølen-Bosse on bass. The band has had many members over the years, powered by a various group of musicians.  These wonderful people dragged the band in different musical directions. Six years ago Sebastian Stølen-Bosse joined us on drums. We are now four boys from 26 to 53 years old. We have found our basic genre in rock and roll based in bands like the E-street band and Bryan Adams. But we also play pop of different kinds; Prince, Loveshop, Thomas Helmig etc. Our repertoire contains mostly songs made by American and Danish artists. It is solid, danceable and it really rocks



september 15
22:30 - 01:00
Kompagnistræde 34, 1208 KBH K
Phone: +45 33 11 24 04