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Frederikke Bohr Band KL.21.00


Frederikke Bohr is a Danish Soul Singer and songwriter and she writes songs that tell us of life’s ups and downs, of experiencing both love and pain,

and of getting through it feeling stronger and wiser, with renewed curiosity for life. The musical universe holds great inspiration from genres such as

Soul, R&B, Funk, and Jazz.

Frederikke Bohr aims for the characteristic “tight” band sound of the 70’ies, brass, lots of backing vocals, and a “live” sound on the recordings of her

Soul-Jazzy West Coast songs of the debut EP “Unbreakable”. With a solid group of musicians and equilibristic vocals, she emphasizes the narrative of

the songs that express a unique blend of power and vulnerability. The audience can expect a concert with lots of soul and they will be taken on a musical

journey carried by Frederikke’s voice – at once powerful and vulnerable – as well as by the intensity and presence she exhibits on stage.


Frederikke Bohr (voc)

Maria Jensen (back.vox)

Marc Chain (gui)

Jonas Starcke (bas)

Kasper “Klemme” Ebdrup

Christian Glass (perc)



december 13
21:00 - 23:00
Kompagnistræde 34, 1208 KBH K
Phone: +45 33 11 24 04