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Annella KL.22.00


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Annella is a Danish-Albanian singer mixing swing music with modern electronic sounds. She loves to preserve authentic vintage jazz influences in her music but with a twist of today’s electronic sound universe thereby creating a completely unique sound. And this sound has in fact growing interest all around the world.

It is not a coincidence that Annella has a great passion for live instruments and especially a great love for horns. Annella explains: ”My love for horns derives from my childhood. I clearly remember my father playing the clarinet all night long and I just loved it. Moreover, I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with my two musical partners, Thomas Feurer and Lars Hartvig Lindeborgh, who are both horn players and have a jazz background. Together we create a universe where pop, jazz, Balkan and EDM meet”.

”My visual world is extremely important to me. The music I write comes from pictures I have seen in my mind’s eye. That’s exactly why I’m so focused when I produce my music videos. I wish to share these inner pictures with the world around me through my art”.

Annella has 63.000 both foreign and Danish fans on Instagram waiting curiously for her next musical step. Like many other artists Annella finds it hard to put herself into a specific music genre-box. ”I’m not in love with music genres, I’m in love with music”, she says smiling. ”I really love making pop melodies where EDM and jazz have a big influence. And YES, horns are a must!”

Annella has just returned from New York where she is signed with the American record label Wooden Hat Records. Thus, she has spent a lot of time in the recording studio in the U.S. Annella has so far released eight singles and four music videos and is now completing her debut album. Her record label believes that Annella’s sound and image have international potential.

Thinking about her upcoming performance at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Annella says: ”I’m so excited to come out and play my songs LIVE. I’ve spent so much time in the studio and now my crew and I can not wait to finally perform in front of an audience. To perform live is what I live for. That’s what it’s all about!”



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