Funk That Party!

Funk That is a Swedish Soul, Funk and Jazz band, originating in Trelleborg, Sweden. It has been performing since 2016 at various festivals and clubs. The sound is jazz based with a heavy beat. Music you typically hear them play is Tower of Power and Stevie Wonder.

Philip Lindstrand, Lead Vocals. 
Johan Rufelt, drums/percussion. 
Mikael Ödegården, drums/percussion. Johannes Hansson, bas. 
Daniel Lindborg, Guitar. 
Pontus Lundberg, Piano. 
Roland Andersson, Keyboard. 
Tommy Jung, Trumpet. 
Paul Brorson,Trumpet.
Johan Månsson, Trombone. 
Per Tyge, Bariton Saxophone. 
Mathias Lindborg, Tenor Saxophone.

Genre: Funk