Bad Fuel - 100 % original

Bad Fuel is a hard-hitting rock band from Slagelse, Denmark. The band started in 2016 and the music is inspired by Iron Maiden. Bad Fuel has been described as: …“new rock music with a dynamic and powerful energy. There is an intensity and rebellious tone with themes about the joy of life, youth, immortality, and sex..” Bad Fuel has played on iconic Danish stages like RUST, Pumpehuset and High Voltage.

Lead vocalist – Mikkel Christiansen

Mikkel delivers a strong rock sound, with a unique roughness to it. He brings energy to the stage and makes sure everyone’s mind is blown.

Bass – Tommy Bach Sørensen

Tommy is the bands steady bass player, who, with a background in classical music, adds a unique knowledge and distinct sound to our music.

Guitar – Malthe Schjerlund

Malthe’s style is greatly inspired by blues, which expresses itself in his vibrant and harmonic riffs and solos.

Guitar – Kristian Stensholm Thomsen

Kristian has a special gift to construct and create unique melodies and guitar riffs like no one else we know.

He adds an intuitive and creative style to his rock n’ roll guitar, which creates a special sound to our music.

Drummer - Nicolai Rudolph Christensen

Nicolai is our drummer, which personifies the backbone of the band. His steady rhythm on the drums completes the sound of the band and holds it together.