Jens against humanity

Jens Against Humanity is an eight-man band with alternative instrumentation such as Violin, 2 Saxophones
and a Marimba. It was formed by the frontman Jens, who after feeling trapped by the genre of his former band, decided he was done with genres and started writing whatever he felt fit with the narrative of his music. The music he writes is therefore a mixture of rock, polka, jazz and theatre music with inspiration drawn from classical composers, primarily Mozart, and the metal band System of a Down.
Mads Harder Laursen (Drums)
Nikolaj Kjærgård Andersen (Bass)
Victor Gabriel Errebo Eriksen (Guitar)
Jonas Dahl Hansen (Marimba, Piano)
Leonora Gry Hoff (Tenor saxophone)
Kirstine Sejr Jørgensen (Alto Saxophone)
Søren Gustav Hedegaard Mortensen (Violin)
Jens Billeskov Pétursson (Vocals, Piano)

Genre: Rock.