Maple & Rye 

Gustav Rybo-Molin
Henrik Bielsten
Milton Lönnroth
Leo Lönnroth


Sometime during late 2014, in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden, the idea of a band was seeded in the minds of the two work-colleagues Gustav Rybo-Molin and Leo Lönnroth. During that cold Swedish winter, with indie-pop and harmonics as centre pieces, an acoustic duo consisting of the two guitar playing vocalists was born. The two gentlemen had barely had time to tune their guitars before the next Lönnroth, Leo's second cousin Milton, joined in on bass. The trio could now encompass an even wider vocal range and started exploring three-part harmonies.

About a year later, and with a few gigs in the bag, the group was further expanded as drummer Henrik Bielsten came into the picture. The band could now fully capitalize on working with rhythms and dynamics, but also develop their songwriting and musical creativity even more. Inspired by the likes of Mumford and Sons, The Lumineers and The Tallest Man on Earth, they wanted to create music that took a step back from the electronic and instead embraced the organic. The result is Maple & Rye, a powerful folk-rock band with their roots in the Gothenburg indie scene.  Coordinated and with precise harmonies, Maple & Rye create music with heart and authenticity woven together with explosive rock influences and powerful rhythms. With dancing melodies and lyrics that encourage reflection, Maple & Rye bring a fresh, intriguing and genuine listening experience.