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Chili Machine KL.23.00



A band consisting of experienced rockers from the greater Copenhagen area. 
Chili Machine is a band based on the love for tight groove, hard rock energy and sizzling funk.
Featuring the amazing JACOB FRIIS on vocals – a guy who’s without a doubt blessed with skitzo-vocal cords. He’s the only one who can mimic both the stoned out, dreamy lyrics of Anthony Kiedis and the frustration and Rage of Zack de la Rocha.

A RHCP coverband needs a “Flea” and in Chili Machine JON POLD is holding down the bottom end. Labeled as a true virtuoso bassplayer, he loves thumping and grooving with the rest of the band and slapping solos is his domain.

KRISTIAN UHRE is the machine driving the whole band towards groove-nirvana, a drummer who’s gifted with both an incredible ear and awesome hard-hitting groove.
FLEMMING HJORTH is the real magician in the band, capable of creating the most incredible sounds and landscapes. Capable of performing funky, melodic riffs and a keen eye for detail. You could say that FLEMMING HJORTH is the musical director of “CHILI MACHINE”…….. – But he’s not.



23:00 - 23:30
Kompagnistræde 34, 1208 KBH K
Phone: +45 33 11 24 04